COVID-19 Financial Assistance Available by State

Below is a list of grants, loans, and resources available for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses impacted by COVID-19 organized by state.

If your state is not listed below, it does not mean there is not assistance available. You can search online for your state’s name + COVID-19 relief, or something similar, and find any resources available. There will likely be new programs rolling out continuously, so if you don’t see anything offered in your state aside from an SBA loan, keep checking back.

SBA loans are now available in every state.

Comprehensive List for States:

  • Forbes posted an article listing state-specific funds, grants, and resources for business owners here.


Statewide Assistance:
Los Angeles:
San Francisco:


Statewide Assistance:

District of Columbia:

Statewide Assistance:


Statewide Assistance:


Statewide Assistance:
  • The City of Chicago is offering low-interest loans up to $50,000 for businesses who’ve suffered more than 25% revenue decrease due to COVID-19 and have under 50 employees.


Statewide Assistance:


Statewide Assistance:


Statewide Assistance:

New Jersey:

Statewide Assistance:

New York:

New York City:

North Carolina:

Statewide Assistance:


Statewide Assistance:

Please check out our list of grants and resources available that are not state-specific.


Please reach out, we’d love to help! 

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