Current Openings

About Us:

Countless was born after our founder hit some major corporate burnout. She vowed that she would create a place where those in accounting could thrive. Not have to choose between their career and family. Not feel obligated to kiss ass to get promoted. Not be belittled or overlooked. Not have to play games or politics. That she would create a place where anyone could have challenging, interesting, and meaningful work while earning a good living and living a good life. It seemed insane that the only “dream jobs” out there were living nightmares.

Don’t get us wrong, we work hard – but we also work smart. We have and keep boundaries. We have flexibility.

We prioritize our team above all else. Really. Every decision is made with the team in mind. Not profit. And you wanna know what? It moves the bottom line.

Go figure.

When people are happy and excited about their work, it shows.

Our clients are evangelists.

We work with small businesses in the retail/e-commerce, professional services, and real estate sectors. Our clients have anywhere from 0 employees up to 30 and we help them with accounting, taxes and advisory work.

Who We’re Looking For:

Our ideal team member has a professional, yet casual and personable demeanor. Someone with a passion for organization and optimization; always looking for ways to increase efficiency without cutting corners. The position also requires the ability to handle complex and sensitive information with grace, integrity, and ease.

And most importantly – they will have a real love for accounting and all things numbers. As a team and company, we all genuinely love this type of work (ya know, the type that makes most people wanna rip their faces off).

Do you love a good spreadsheet? Does cleaning-up a set of books bring you joy? Do you feel aligned when you help someone make sense of their numbers? Did you somehow fall into accounting (most of us did!) and just “get it” and sometimes wonder how and why? Like really, how is it even possible that we like (love) this stuff?!

If you’re nodding your head yes, we need you on our team! We’re your people!

Our small but mighty team works virtually. We have a modern, collaborative, and fun office environment.

If you:

  • Have ever longed for more in your career
  • Love working for and with small businesses
  • Hate jobs where the day dragggggs on
  • Love learning, growing, and a good challenge

Countless is the company for you and we’d love to have you on our team.



Accounting and Tax Manager