Bookkeeping + Virtual CFO Services

The term “bookkeeping” doesn’t come close to describing how magical our bookkeeping packages are.

Yes, these packages include actual bookkeeping (duh), as well as:

  • A monthly figure to save for taxes that’s customized to your income (so you’re never scrambling like a crazy person come tax time)
  • Monthly financial reports that you can actually understand and use
  • Ongoing financial and tax planning assistance (we’re always thinking ahead)
  • Your own personal cheer squad to keep you positive (and make sure you’re saving for retirement)

If you already have a bookkeeping process in place, we’ll work with you to fine-tune that process and make it work better for you and us. If you don’t have a system in place, no worries, fam, we’ll build one out that will serve you no matter who you’re working with.

We bring a very high level of service to bookkeeping (magic, remember?), not just thinking about taxes or your finances now, but about the whole picture and the future of your business.

We can prepare projections for you, build out cash flow tracking reports, help you identify the metrics that really drive best practices and put you in the driver’s seat.

Sounds good, right?

Our full-service option begins with prospective clients (that’s you!) filling out a bookkeeping questionnaire to help us assess where they’re at and where they want to go. If things are a good fit, we’ll do a discovery call and make sure we vibe. After that, we’ll send over a proposal and get to work!

The onboarding process generally takes about a month. We’ll set-up your accounting software, if necessary, or take a peek under the hood if you already have something in place. We do not force clients to adopt “our” systems when they become clients. If we can find a way to use what’s already there and just improve upon it, we will always do that. At the end of the day, we believe that the best system for our clients is a system they are comfortable with and a system they know and will use.

Once a client is onboarded, we take charge.

We’ll make sure you’re building a healthy business, that your books are pristine and tax season woes are a thing of the past, remind you to charge more (if you need to) and suggest systems that will improve your financial life (such as Profit First!).

Countless will guide you every step of the way. You’ll have a team of CPAs and overqualified, overachiever accountants and bookkeepers (nerds!) in your corner, no matter what, that have only your best interests in mind. We are incredibly driven and committed to your success.

We are capable of having hard conversations and will never “yes” you to death.

Here’s some of what our current bookkeeping and Virtual CFO clients have to say about what it’s like to work with us:

“Countless has handled our corporate accounting since 2018. They’ve saved us “countless” hours and really helped increase our internal efficiencies.”

– MD Squared Property Group LLC

“Countless has been a godsend. Coming from a large, impersonal firm where I felt like nothing but a stack of numbers, it has been life changing to be seen and heard by the people who see so intimately into my business. Countless is so incredibly responsive; any question I have gets answered almost immediately. I feel more confident and have a stronger understanding of the numbers – leaving me with more growth opportunities.”

– Nell MV

“Countless taught me how to appreciate my finances, understand them, and take ownership of my financial house. Working with them was one of the best decisions I have made as a leader and CEO.”

– Aimee Raupp

“Countless has been a blessing for us. From the monthly reports to the guidance, Countless goes above and beyond every time. We can focus on what we are good at and not worry about the financials.”

– Countdown Fitness

“Countless feels like a partner or an extension of my own company; I feel cared for and that my company really matters. They step into the shoes of wanting your company to be the very best it can be. We’ve worked together since 2016 and I am still impressed with the quality and standard of work.”

– SanovaWorks

“I have felt so empowered to grow my business thanks to the support and guidance of Brittany and her team, and can’t recommend them enough.”

– Indigo Wellness Group

“I’ve been using Countless since 2018 and it’s been a total game changer; I don’t have to worry. They send me reports each month which help me make data-driven decisions. They’re also just great people who cheer you on and love seeing you succeed.”

– Amanda Ellis Photography

Want to learn more and make it official?


Holy shit, we love taxes. LOL

No, they’re important! Your life, your business, and your taxes do not exist independently of each other – it’s all connected. We always think long-term with our tax planning and have a keen ability to anticipate future changes in your life and the world in general.

We avoid the shiny object syndrome and firmly believe if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

We do not make decisions for our clients based solely on lowering tax liability – our mindset is that this is very short-lived and generally tends to cause more harm than good in the long run.

We firmly believe in doing the right thing, for the right reasons. There are more than enough high-level, intelligent, and legal ways to reduce a business-owner’s tax liability that we do not subscribe to the “get rich quick” schemes of the tax world.

Why does this matter?

Tax returns affect a business owner’s ability to obtain financing, have a healthy bottom line, and actually know how much money they’re making in the business (yeah, kind of a big deal). If we’re just going around writing everything off and pulling out the kitchen sink, how will you ever know how your business is actually doing? What if you want to sell your business one day?

There is a fine line to this – accounting is an art, not a science – and we’re pretty damn skilled at getting our clients the best of both worlds.

We love preparing personal taxes, business taxes, saving money on taxes, whipping up some multi-state taxes (especially!), payroll taxes and even sales tax! We’ve never met a tax we didn’t want to file.


We do not believe that the best tax outcomes happen from working with a CPA between January and April. For the very best outcome, we have a dynamic, ongoing tax planning service for a stupid-low monthly fee, giving you access to our team throughout the year with regular check-ins. If a professional isn’t looking at your numbers throughout the year and thinking about your taxes, do you even have a tax plan in place?

Don’t take our word for it, check out what our tax clients have to say about working with Countless:

“Before I worked with Countless, I dreaded taxes all year long and never knew how much money I actually had. It was such a mental block for me. Now, for the first time ever, I’m completely up-to-date with my quarterly taxes. Just having someone to talk me through it who didn’t make me feel ashamed has made all the difference in the world. I am in better shape financially now than I’ve ever been in my whole adult life thanks to Countless.”


“The ease and confidence that Countless brings to my business and life when it comes to finances is incomparable. They make the most complicated matters simple and let me focus on the work that I do best.”

– Work Well With Kate LLC

“I am obsessed with Countless and have been working with them since 2018. I love how streamlined and organized tax season is – I know what to expect, what to submit, and when. I enthusiastically recommend them to literally everyone who asks me.”

– Guiding Light Psychotherapy

“Their use of technology made tax season super easy. I knew what I needed to take care of on my end to ensure they could do the work on their end.”

– Elizabeth Melusky Photography

Reach out to learn more about our process and make it official!

Consulting / Training

In all of our years of experience, we’ve found that sometimes people just need a few questions answered to keep their businesses rolling. We started this firm to help small businesses, and we want to make sure that we’re making that accessible to everyone, everywhere. Want to keep DIY’ing things and just need to make sure you aren’t fucking shit up? Book a one-off consulting session with Countless!

Maybe you need someone to set-up your accounting software and answer questions so you can keep doing it your damn self? Hit us up!

Want to do your own taxes but have some questions? We’re here for that!

You’ll walk away feeling more secure and empowered in your business and it’s finances.

Think of it like a money-business-therapy-woo-magic-session. It can be anything you need.

We are ALL about empowerment and less about making you reliant on us. There’s a big difference between hiring someone to do something because you want to and hiring someone because you have to. We’re all about meeting you wherever you are in regard to your business’ finances.

Some of our other consulting services include:

  • Choosing the right tax entity for your business
  • Accounting set-ups
  • Software consulting for you and/or your team to improve efficiency
  • Workflow set-ups for your accounting department
  • Moving your business to the cloud and taking your office paperless

We can guide you through all of this.

Here’s just a taste of what our consulting clients have to say about partnering with us:

“Working with Countless couldn’t have been easier. I knew nothing about accounting and they made me feel comfortable and empowered about taking control of my finances. Countless helped me set up long term processes and systems that work and make it easy to stay organized.”

– ESM Creative Studio

“Excellent experience! I worked with Brittany and she has such an amazing gift for translating complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand jargon-less language (even with analogies, like pies and elephants! LOL). In addition to making it easy to understand she is incredibly efficient, focused, no-nonsense – you will absolutely get a TON done in the time she spends with you, which makes the experience highly valuable.”

-Brancu & Associates, PLLC

“Brittany is so knowledgeable with her expertise, that when she educates, you learn and you don’t even feel stupid in the process. I left our first consultation feeling invigorated and more confident with my business’ next steps. I thank her for her patience and will forever recommend Countless.”


“Countless helped guide our accounting/bookkeeping so that we were sailing in the right direction. They resolved our uncertainty about how to approach the finances to avoid correcting mistakes later on. We’re working a lot more confidently now with their guidance and look forward to using them more as our needs grow.”

– Ultralight LLC

“Brittany was wonderful to work with! She was kind, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and so helpful. I got everything I was hoping for out of our consultation and so much more! I feel considerably more confident in the path I’m on. Countless is an integral part in the development of my business.”

– Chelsea Kenny

“Great service. Hour long virtual consult with Brittany where all my business/ personal tax questions were answered and explained, she even walked me through multiple processes to make sure I got it. Best part would be the email synopsis of our discussion that followed our meeting with more detail, links, and videos. 100% returning as my business grows.”

– Nicholas Yates

Don’t be shy. Go ahead and shoot us a message to start learning more!

Starting a Business

We are a one stop shop for new business setups!

Imagine a world where you feel confident and in the know after starting a business – not wondering if you missed a step or set up some part of your business incorrectly. Sounds like a pretty great place to be, yes?

We can get your business fully and utterly established, from start to finish, including advising you on an entity, forming your entity, getting your EIN, getting you registered with the appropriate state agencies, advising on whether or not you really need a registered agent (and what the heck it actually is), getting your sales tax squared away, building out your payroll system, configuring your accounting software, and training you up on ALL of it! Sound like a lot? Well, that’s why you’re hiring us, ya silly goose!

There is a lot involved in starting a business, and doing it right and that is EXACTLY why we started this firm: Increased accessibility for ALL. Small businesses are SO important and we see this service as doing our part to give the next successful small business a leg up from the start.

Read below for some of our business setup clients talking about how Countless helped them establish their greatest assets:

“I cannot recommend Countless enough when it comes to setting up an S-Corp. Business filings can be super overwhelming so save yourself a ton of time and make sure you get it done right with the help of the Countless team!”

– Going Bold Studio

“Being a solopreneur sounds sexy—until you have to make choices about taxes, business structure, payroll, etc. Brittany and the Countless team have patiently advised me throughout this process, ensuring that my business is set up to grow with my ambitions.”

– From Forward LLC

Are you ready to get your business going? Reach out to us today!