Here’s something you probably don’t hear everyday: we want to reconcile your books, manage your taxes, and handle all of your payroll processing. Feed us, Seymour! We’re like your very own band of accounting ninjas – no cool throwing stars, but we got some pretty sweet calculator watches and bookkeeping software.



If you’ve ever had a bad bookkeeping experience, you know how detrimental it can be to your business. Managing your accounts is a full-time job that most business owners don’t have time for because, well, they’re trying to run their business. Are your books like, a year behind? A total mess? Nonexistent? No worries – we ain’t judging. Those are our favorite types of projects! From day-to-day management to reconciliations, you can check “books” off your list of things that are harshing your mellow.


Whether it’s your annual business taxes, your personal taxes, quarterly taxes, sales tax, or payroll tax – we got you. Are you ready for tax-season woes to be a thing of the past? How about not spending hours upon hours combing through tax codes, trying to make sure you are in compliance? We got you. And, because we stay constantly up-to-date on tax regulations like it’s our job (cause it is), you can rest assured that your tax documents will always be on-point.


Managing a payroll can create some real headaches. Many small business owners struggle with setting up check-based and direct deposit payments, managing garnishments, keeping on top of payroll taxes, and generally keeping employees paid and happy. Just so happens, we eat payrolls for breakfast … wait, no, we eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but we straight-up own payroll management, from getting set up in your state to tax advising, we got you covered.

Start Up!

Starting a new company can be incredibly daunting. You’ve had a breakthrough idea, developed a business plan, and are ready to make your side hustle official. Now what? On the outside, the processes and paperwork to obtaining the necessary licenses can seem incredibly complicated, but we totally got you. We will help you select the proper structure for your business and navigate all necessary paperwork. Before you know it, you’ll be the proud owner of a brand-spanking-new company all your own.

Back of Office

Outsourcing your accounting department will save your company time and money (and unnecessary stress). Our back-of-office services are a la carte, which is just a pretentious way of saying you only pay for what you need. This is our wheelhouse, so we can accomplish a wild amount of work in a very small amount of time. Don’t pay Susan from accounting a salary + benefits to watch cat videos on Facebook, we already pay our employees to watch cat videos. 🙂 It’s actually required.

Virtual CFO

Need someone to participate in monthly sales calls? Help with making sense of your budget? Trying to prognosticate some pesky projections? Most businesses could really use this level of strategic thinking, but can’t afford to have someone on their payroll (just yet). Use our expertise as needed for creating tools to assist you in decision-making about your financial present and future. We can help you develop working operating budgets and set goals for growth through informed budget analysis and realistic financial planning.