Reasonable Compensation Report

So, what’s a reasonable compensation report, anyway?

As the owner/officer of a S-Corp, it is your responsibility to disperse reasonable compensation to yourself – yep, you’ve got to get paid a salary equal to the value of your work. Crazy, right? What’s more, it’s important that this compensation lines up with the IRS’s expectation for what it believes you should be paid.

Coming up with that amount shouldn’t be a best guess. It should be calculated with data to support the compensation amount you settle on. If that sounds complicated, well, it can be. Lucky for you, we can create a thorough, credible report just for you and your business.

What’s in the report?

Your reasonable compensation report is built from a number of variables from your business and from salary standards comparable to your company’s specific activities, including tasks necessary to the operation of your business. In your report, we supply breakdowns of these variables, including:

  • Your time
  • Summary of your business activities
  • Your salary, broken down by duties
  • Additional considerations
  • Our methodology 
  • Final calculations breakdown

Once completed, your report will provide you all the necessary justifications for your salary should you be challenged on your business’ tax return. No more guesswork, no more uncertainty.

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