Brittany Turner, CPA

Founder, Accounting Addict, Cat Wrangler

Brittany is the proud mom of this brain child and our fearless-with-a-capital-F leader. Though originally from sunny Florida, she always knew in her heart of hearts that New York was home and made the move in 2011 after earning her BBA in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. Upon her arrival to the city, she was accepted into Pace University’s graduate program where she completed her MS in Taxation. It was in the midst of an upwardly-mobile accounting career that she started noticing fewer and fewer of her colleagues were women, much less women with family lives. Brittany knew she wanted a work-life balance and that if she wasn’t finding it working for someone else, she’d create it working for herself. What’s more, she wanted to give that opportunity to others in the accounting world. And, well, here we are! She and her husband are proud parents to two feline rescues (one of which is a polydactyl with seven toes on each of its front paws) and enjoy weekend foodie trips around the tri-state area.

“I legitimately love accounting – there’s something soothing about putting everything in its right place.”

Megan Gilmour

Bookkeeping Superstar, Ambidextrous Brain

Megan grew up in the Snowy Mountains of Southern California. She’s studied Economics, Creative Writing, and Fashion Design. Coming from a varied background – working with both Fortune 500’s as well as small businesses – it was only when she had her daughter, Leia, she realized her passion for entrepreneurship. Megan spends most of her time running her own business, AppleSeed Services, which provides copywriting, marketing, and virtual assistance – and gets her numbers fix with Countless to keep her left-brain and right-brain balanced. Bookkeeping is her zen. Megan is known around these parts for being detailed, thorough, and damn funny. She’s currently living the dream in the Sunshine State with her babe and two kids.

Stephanie Goldfien


Stephanie grew up in the Bay Area with no idea what she was going to do with her life. After finishing an undergraduate degree in Sociology, she moved to New York with the dream of never having to drive a car again. It was a happy accident that she fell into some bookkeeping work, where she discovered that accounting isn’t just sitting around and doing math, but that it’s about organization, standardization, and rules-tasks, which she freaking loves! She was hooked and dove headlong into the profession and has never looked back. Prior to Countless, Stephanie has held accounting positions for companies in several industries including hospitality, consumer goods, and the non-profit sector. When she isn’t organizing and following rules she enjoys trying new restaurants and playing with her calico cat, Lea.